Foreign Missions

At Good Shepherd, it is our honor to support these Foreign Missionaries:

~The Alvears~

Bishop Raul and Janice Alvear are lifelong missionaries in Brazil. Bishop Alvear Sr. came at a young age to Brazil from Chile with his family to work in missions and Missionary Janice Alvear came to Brazil in 1968. Both worked as single missionaries and then at a conference in June 1972 they met in the city of Sao Paulo, Brazil. After a short courtship they were married in December of the same year.

Mission work has been their whole life. From a humble beginning under a tree in a pagan village the work today boasts of several hundred churches, scores of house meetings, radio programs, prison ministries, children’s outreaches. The work includes hundreds of national pastors and several national missionaries with a small extension into the country of Paraguay.

~The Clevengers~

Les Clevenger was born in Okinawa, Japan, while his father served in the United States Marine Corps. He prayed for Japan and Asia from an early age, believing that one day he would be a missionary to Japan. While growing up in Moore, Oklahoma, his calling to Japan was confirmed at age fifteen. Laura grew up in North Carolina and at the age of fourteen felt the call to missions. Les and Laura met while attending Gateway College of Evangelism. They married in 2001 and began to prepare for where God would send them. On May 4, 2006, thirty years to the day since young Les and his family had returned to the States from Japan, he and his wife arrived in Okinawa. They served on the Associate In Missions program for seven years. In 2012 Global Missions appointed them as associate missionaries. In the past twelve years, God has filled many Japanese with the Holy Ghost and many have been baptized. Les currently serves as the Southern Regional Director for twenty-three prefectures for the Japan UPC as well as serving as the National Coordinator for the twenty Bible school campuses throughout Japan. Laura started a Christian school and served as administrator of World Changers Academy in Okinawa from 2007-2015. Training is at the heart of all they do. They have seen exponential growth in leaders and ministers as well as daughter works, preaching points, and churches started while serving in Japan. They have a vision to see a church location in every community and a Bible school in each of the forty-seven prefectures in Japan. Their greatest desire is to see national ministers sent out to reach their people as well as sent to other countries with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

~The Shalms~

The Shalms received career missionary appointment in 1980.  After becoming General Superintendent of Pakistan in 1994, Bother Shalm planned a series of major crusades which saw the work grow from 325 churches and preaching points to almost 3,060 churches and preaching points by the time they left Pakistan in January 2012.  The Shalms moved to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in January 2012 and are now traveling throughout the Asia and Pacific regions, teaching, and evangelizing.  At the end of 2013, the number of congregations in Pakistan had reached nearly 3,300 with more than 165,000 constituents.

~The Philippines~

(Leadership History)ELDER DONALD K. LANCE : (General Director, 1981-1991)
From humble beginnings on a farm in Indiana to a management position in the USDA Federal Meat Inspection, Donald K. Lance once boasted that he wouldn’t leave the USDA “for God or anybody.” What he didn’t know was that God was orchestrating each move.
In 1978, Bro. Lance took a mission trip to the Philippines and was overwhelmed by the experience. He took the burden to heart and supported the mission, testifying everywhere he went of the work of God in the Philippines. Three years later, the missionary called to tell Bro. Lance that he was giving up the work. Falling prostrate on a linoleum floor, Bro. Lance began to pray for those missionary works. Traveling with Elder Steve Hancock and with his assistance the AIM was created– Apostolic Independent Missions. Elder Lance took the oversight of the missions. In ten years, with the help of other seasoned ministers, the works grew to 210 churches. Elder Lance remained active in support and oversight of the missions until his death in July of 2013
At the request of Evangelist Donald K. Lance, in April of 2011, Elder Couch and several ministers took a trip to the Philippines. It was at this time that Elder Couch prayerfully accepted the oversight of AIM as General Director. Since that time, he communicates with the Filipino pastors and ministers CONSISTENTLY and continues to make trips to the Philippines twice yearly, spring and fall.
Under the direction of Elder Couch, AIM has reinstituted the Bible Training program WHERE diligence is being given to Apostolic Doctrine, Holiness and Separation; is restructuring the organization of the Filipino ministry and outreach; is channeling funds into existing churches’ upkeep, land purchases, new church construction, and vehicles for some assemblies; has plans to construct a headquarters facility to house the Bible Training school, the national convention, meetings, special events, and business operating purposes.
In convention meetings held annually in April, Elder Couch meets daily with the SCORES OF ministers to teach about the call, qualifications, example and responsibilities of the ministry. Additionally, each fall a trip is scheduled in which Elder Couch visits/preaches to many churches in the outlying areas and islands.



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